Richard Levak, PhD    personality expert

What is Personality?

People are fascinated by personality. They want to understand why people commit terrible crimes, why they act with mean-spiritedness and cruelty as well as kindness and empathy. People want to understand themselves, as evidenced by the numerous magazine quizzes and online tests available. Dr. Levak has a new and unique way to give people feedback about themselves. This approach is empathic and caring but direct, easy to understand and effective.  Feedback is based on peoples’ personality, not on a one size fits all approach. Dr. Levak has a simple but colorful and dynamic way of describing personality.  He believes that personality issues can make dynamic, compelling content to a broad audience. As a personality expert, Dr. Levak distinguishes himself from the other media psychologists and provides a different perspective that does not become stale because it involve endless variations of personality. 

An analogy may help explain the significance of personality.  Any dog owner knows that, even though dogs are essentially alike, every dog has a unique personality. Within the dog kingdom there are friendly, affectionate labs, high strung irritable terriers and fiercely protective Rottweilers! Typically, psychologists discuss people as if most people are the same, a one size fits all approach to psychology. 

Most people think that “personality” means charisma, but it means a lot more than that. People have different personalities, different ways of thinking and doing things and different sensitivities. There are worried, responsible, detail oriented types, risk taking, adventurous types, argumentative, demanding types, affable, agreeable types of people, to mention a few. Understanding personalities is critical in marriage, in business, in politics and even within a family. Dr Levak’s expertise has been used in casting reality TV shows, in couples and family therapy, in corporate settings, as a forensic expert witness and he has appeared on radio and television shows describing personality and its impact on people, issues and events.

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